York Cycle PathYorkCycle PathCycle path from York to Selby is excellent. Really nice with its own Solar System, and some nice sculpture. Not sure why anyone would want to cycle to Selby though. What to say about Selby to Chesterfield? Well, my mom always said “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything.” I will, however. The road is horrible. The surface is not very good – OK for lorries, bad for bikes. The traffic is relentless and there was a headwind. Chesterfield to Biggin was very nice though. Very hilly but then it’s the dales so you have to expect that sort of thing. When your planned route takes you through a place called “Two Dales” you should have taken the clue. There was a nice preserved railway there, and I had to wait at a level crossing while a steam train chuffed past. After this was an extremely long climb up to Wensley, and I realised that the climb was Wensleydale. Should have bought some cheese, but instead I bought some lucozade.


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