Really didn’t want to leave this morning. Took a lot of persuading to go, though really in my heart I knew I couldn’t stop. The point of the trip had been to do this together. Clare would have had adult company, the kids would have had friends and I would have someone to keep me sane, and to watch out for on the road. The whole point of the trip seemed to have gone, unfortunately having told everyone I was doing it, and having had them sponsor me I really had to continue. Worse, there was the small matter of the A68 to contend with. It was awful yesterday and I had about 20 miles of it today.

LunchFinally set of at about 9am. Got back to the A68 and it was a road I didn’t recognise from yesterday. There was only 18 miles of it, and it was brilliant. There were long climbs, but these were followed by seriously good descents. Left this road and took a ‘B’ road that was equally good. Crossed the A1M near Scotch Corner and on through several pleasant small villages. Found a nice spot just after Great Langdon for lunch. Just after 200 MilesShipton and before the Cyclepath in York I crossed a railway line with a large sign declaring that it was 200 miles to Edinburgh. Actually, the way I had come it was nearer 240 but it was a heartening sign, as that’s the distance I had travelled alone. Shortly after this I found the cyclepath that runs alongside the river and took me to the heart of York. Once I finally worked out how to cross the river, it was a simple matter of following the red line to the campsite and the day was over. It was far far better than I could have hoped it would be. The campsite was small and busy, but in a good way. Had a pleasant walk along the river and then home to bed.

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