Touring with Team Croissant

Team Croissant, otherwise known as the Last of the Summer Wine boys, are off on tour. We’ve got our panniers, our racks, our tents, and some of us have our hot water bottles too.

Formal introductions then. Team Croissant are Mike, James and Paul. The noble steeds upon whose backs they sit are, respectively, nameless, Bonti and Cambo. On our Saturday morning rides we set off at early o’clock arriving at somewhere for coffee (or tea) and a croissant hence the name. On a recent long ride we all alighted at a pleasant bench overlooking the Severn Estuary and looked so much like the three old men from Last of theSummer Wine…


This is Cambo test fitted with everything I think I’ll need. In the panniers we have…
Rear Right
Sleeping Bag
Camping Pillow

Rear Left
Self Inflating Sleep Mat

Front Left
Stove Windshield
Thermal Cup
Small Pan

Front Right
Bike Cover

Rack Bag
GT85 Spray
Space for stuff we forgot


6 kilos front, 7.5 rear, with clothes still to add.

This is most of that stuff set up in the garden. The kettle is on.

Bonti looks similarly laden.


James says

I’ve got gas and cooking things in one back with sleep mat, sleeping bag and pillow in the other, with tent in on the top of rack in a dry bag. Fronts just have a couple of tools, tea milk and apple juice in in one and mallet, water proofs bike cover in the other with room for clothes. I did consider putting tent in the front so I’ve got the rack bag too for get hold of quick things like waterproofs or jacket so might change it around a bit before the day when I sort out how many wardrobes are coming :)
5kg on front and 9kg on back.

Mike has yet to test his loading, but we know this much. He doesn’t have front panniers, so he’ll be loading everything either onto the back of his bike, or onto Cambo or Bonti. Next Saturday we’re using our coffee ride to test how well the bikes ride like this. The following weekend is Tour Werkend. Off on a 70 mile jolly to the pub. An overnight stay then home on Sunday along the towpath.

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