Cambo is off to France

Cambo has never been to France.  Grawp has been and has told Cambo about it – about the warm sun, the Pastis.  Grawp has been to Carcassonne.  Land of Sun and Pastis and Wine.  Cambo is off to Normandy.  Land of Cider and Wind and Rain.  Of course, Grawp has been to Normandy too – he just hasn’t told Cambo about the rain.


Cambo – Ready for a tour

Altura Aaron Rackpack containing tent and first aid kit. In front of that on the rack is the table, tent poles and a seat.
Altura Dryline 56 panniers at the back
2 bottle cages, and one under the downtime for MSR stove fuel
Altura Orkney Barbag mostly containing cash, phone, sweets and playing cards
Altura Orkney 32 panniers at the front

Cambo is a Ridgeback Element, serial number dbat605001 62

Cambo is preparing to set off on a short tour of the Cotentin Peninsular, Manche, France

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