JoGLE 13

Cambo and Me at Clitters MineMajor headwind today, and the weather started very wet. Set off across whatever benighted moor we were staying on, and gradually descended down towards the A roads. Crossed the A38. Considering the headwind, and the fact that it was mostly A roads it was a very good day. The roads are reasonable. After Truro it narrows a bit, and feels too narrow for the weight of traffic on the Friday before a Bank Holiday. I wouldn’t want to be there on the Saturday. Between Helston and Penzance there was a fierce crosswind. It would try to blow me into the middle of the road so I would lean into it. Then it would drop suddenly and I would veer off the edge. When I stopped fighting it, it blew up again and blew me into the middle of the road again. Today was slightly odd as I had to pass the campsite to reach my destination. When I got level with it I phoned Clare and told her I was there, but wasn’t stopping. They had to hurry to beat me to Lands End. I nearly won – they passed me on the final bend. Finished the trip with a beer or two in the Lands End hotel.

The End of the Road

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