Investigating Route 33

Cambo, on Route 33Sustrans National Route 33, The Stop Line, includes the route from Nailsea to Bristol, through Ashton Court. Once you get to Backwell Bow from Nailsea, you can pick up a great section of cycle path that follows the railway line to Cambridge Batch. From there you need to take the road through Long Ashton as far as the shops. Here you can pick up more cycle path that (very soon, unless you want to get muddy feet, in which case now) takes you all the way to Ashton Court. Cycle Path from Ashton Court takes you to the heart of the city, or up the river to Shirehampton/Lawrence Weston, and on to Aust. It’s the bit through Long Ashton that’s bothered me for some time now, as what’s the point of a cycle path that takes you only halfway through the town – why not all the way (but obviously with side links to the shops and houses) in stead of chucking you out halfway onto the road.

Well, having found the bit that isn’t quite open between Long Ashton and Ashton Court this weekend, I went looking for news on that Internet. And I found this on Sustrans’ website.

A short but important link in the route at Paulman Gardens Long Ashton is now open, but will not be signed as National Route until the residential development through which it passes is nearer completion.

I haven’t found this bit. I believe an investigation is required to see if this fabled bit of path exists. Looking at the map, this should be the bit around what used to be the Research Station. The Missing Link.

Update: Have now found the route from the research station and on to meet up with the existing bits.  The map below then shows the complete route from Nailsea to Bristol, and has hardly any road.  The bit of main road into Long Ashton has a pavement beside it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this became ‘Shared Use’ soon.  Thanks James for the gpx file.

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