We’d cycled together for four days.  On the fifth he was too ill to continue, and left me to do the remaining 8 1/2 days alone.  On the sixth day I sat astride the bike having a drink, before heading up the next Fell or Dale or whatever it was, and my eyes fell on the ruined castle on the hill.Near to Cambo I looked down upon the bike and said ‘A noble steed such as yourself requires a name’.  We surveyed the next roadsign together and both decided that ‘Cambo’ was the right name. Over the remaining 8 days, and ever since then, Cambo and I have shared thought upon many subjects. These may just be some of them.

All of this is copyright Macpanda, except that which was written by Cambo.  Cambo has trouble typing with his wheels, and so he mostly dictates and the word are typed by Macpanda.  Therefore, ultimately even what Cambo has ‘written’, Macpanda will claim as his own.

Macpanda is Paul Anderson.  Cambo is a Ridgeback Rapide Element .

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